If you haven’t heard of Ken Block (and if not, frankly where have you been?) he’s a professional rally driver, more famous for his series of ‘Gymkhana’ videos, in which he drives high-powered four-wheel-drive cars around tight obstacle courses.

They’re worth a watch – we guarantee you’ll be slack jawed at the man’s awesome car control skills, and left in no doubt as to why his videos are some of the most viewed on YouTube.

So popular is Mr Block that there have been a number of video homages to his work. The latest to appear, which you can watch above, doesn’t even feature any form of car, just a group of cats, some slippery flooring and some home-brew dubbing of noises of Block’s Gymkhana cars at full chat.

This isn’t the only Ken Block Homage video to emerge this week, with a go-kart enthusiast also getting in on the action, in his oh-so-realistic mock-up of Block’s rally Fiesta. Click play below to watch him in action.

If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, here is one of Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos in full:

Daljinder Nagra


October 24, 2013

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