Garmin is set to introduce its Nuvifone – the first sat nav phone aimed at pedestrians.Garmin, the world’s leading sat nav manufacturer is set to introduce its Nuvifone – the first dedicated sat nav phone aimed at pedestrians.

The Nuvifone will go on display at The Mobile World Congress 2008 exhibition held in Barcelona from February 11-14.

The new handset is designed to help people navigate their way around city streets whilst in the car as well aslocating points of interest when on foot, totally eliminating the need for any street maps.

Once you’ve switched the Nuvifone to “pedestrian mode”, you type in the address or postcode of the place you want to get to and the device will calculate the shortest route and then guide you there. The system is designed to tell you exactly where you are, then give you real-time, street-by-street directions as you walk along, or voice commands via the phone’s in-built speaker.

“The Nuvifone is an all-in-one device offering unmatched integration of utility and function in a single mobile device,” said Cliff Pemble, Garmin’s president and COO. “This is the breakthrough product that cell phone and GPS users around the world have been longing for — a single device that ds it all.”

The Nuvifone will come with the option of European or North American mapping. Garmin anticipates that it will be available in the third quarter of 2008. Additional information about N?vifone is available at