BMW has released information about its upcoming 7-Series, giving us an insight into BMW’s most technologically advanced saloon yet.

Being offered in both standard and long wheelbase specifications, this is the first time that BMW has revealed the car in full.

The 7-Series will be offered in three trim levels: Pure Excellence, BMW Individual Design Composition and finally M Sport.

It’s lighter than the previous model, thanks to the extensive use of carbon fibre and carbon fibre reinforced plastic.

BMW is promising a more involving drive thanks to new six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, along with a V8 and the option xDrive all-wheel drive.On top of this, a 740e plug-in hybrid will also be available. 

This 2016 7-Series premieres two new technologies: Remote Control Parking and Gesture Control.

The first allows drivers to exit the vehicle and remotely park the 7-Series into a forward parking space via a remote control. From this, they can remotely shut off the engine, as well as reverse the car out again. Sensors mounted all around the car monitor surroundings for potential obstacles, making sure that the car doesn’t collide with anything.

The second package is a gesture control system, which allows drivers to use a series of hand commands to change certain settings in the car. For instance, when a phone call is received, drivers can swipe their hands to the right in order to cancel the call. This allows for less distraction from the road.

The sixth-generation 7-Series will be available to order from a base price of £64,530.

Picture: BMW

Jack Evans


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December 3, 2015