90 per cent of people do not stop friends they know to be drunk from getting behind the wheel, a new survey has revealed.

Research conducted by the minicab booking service Kabbee and anti-drink-drive campaigners Don’t Be That Someone, has shown that attitudes towards drink-driving have become increasingly lax, despite years of crackdowns and a perceived increase in social intolerance.

The results come as the Department for Transport is expected to confirm that deaths caused by drink-driving rose 26 per cent in 2012.

Not only are British drivers seemingly not fussed about letting their friends and colleagues drive while intoxicated, 30 per cent of drivers surveyed admitted that they had gotten behind the wheel the morning after a heavy night drinking.

One in three also said they had accepted a lift from someone in the morning, even though they suspected they were over the drink-drive limit.

Only one in 20 of those polled said they wouldn’t accept a lift from someone if they’d had a single drink within five hours of a car journey, with over one in ten happy to accept a lift from drivers who had consumed more than three pints of beer.

Worryingly eight per cent of drivers would accept a lift from someone who had drunk up to five pints of lager beforehand.

The reasons given for this reckless behaviour included not having any other way home, the driver not seeming impaired and that they thought it would be safer than getting the bus.

Mike McAdam, founder of the Don’t Be That Someone campaign, commented: “Typical anti-drink drive campaigns target potential drink drivers. But if we’re going to make a difference, we need to go beyond what’s ‘typical’. That’s why we’re targeting the non-drivers.

“We want passengers to turn down lifts from friends who have been drinking and find themselves and their would-be drivers another way home – and that’s not a lot to ask now that buses and minicabs are so accessible and affordable. And we ask anyone who sees someone get behind the wheel after drinking to report it to the police. Stopping a drink driver is heroic – and it could well save lives.”

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Daljinder Nagra


September 26, 2013