Since the order configurator for its new GT was launched last Wednesday, Ford has received over 5,000 requests from prospective owners, a senior member of the company has revealed.?

Unfortunately, not everyone who went to the effort of filling out the lengthy application form for the GT will be able to get their hands on one, as only 500 of the mid-engined V6 supercar are planned to be built.

The GT configurator asks a number of detailed questions of the wannabe buyers, including their historical relationship with Ford – i.e. which blue oval models they’ve previously owned, their enthusiasm for motor racing outline and their current online presence – for example social media accounts and blogs.

Speaking to Car Throttle, director of Ford Performance Dave Pericak revealed the high number of pre-orders already submitted, adding that only 250 cars would be built a year.

“A lot of people have also asked if we’re going to increase production and the answer is no,” he commented.

“It’s important for the brand and the collectors investing in the cars that we stick to those numbers. I mean, we’re not going to get rich off this, but the car is going to help us build an awareness and an acknowledgement of our capabilities.”

The first round of GT applications, which opened on April 13, will close on May 12. For more information on the model, visit

Jack Evans


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April 20, 2016