Seat’s performance sub-brand Cupra has given the first glance of its future, publishing a teaser shot of an upcoming all-electric concept car.

The Cupra Concept is set to debut at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in September, and will offer up a look at the brand’s vision for a performance crossover EV, complete with sports coupe styling.

It seems that a production version of this concept may not be that far-fetched, with the brand’s own press release stating “it is the first Cupra road car to use a 100 per cent electric powertrain.”

While the full car will likely not be seen much before Frankfurt, the brand describes it as athletic, with a focus on both aesthetics and performance. With no need for amenities such as exhausts, a greater focus can be provided to aerodynamics and grip with the car’s diffuser.

Cupra branched off from Seat as its own brand in 2018, having previously been the equivalent of Volkswagen’s GTI badge for the Spanish firm.

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Ted Welford


July 22, 2019