Flying in the face of the old stereotype that French cars are unreliable, a Southampton man managed to cover 338,000 miles in a Peugeot 205, with the car never missing a beat in over two decades of ownership.

John Clive bought the light blue hatchback, which he nicknamed ‘Fly’, in 1990 and drove an average of 15,300 miles annually. Ensuring it was serviced regularly paid dividends, with the car never failing an MOT test and proving reliable enough for long driving holidays in France, as well as more mundane trips to the shops.

Sadly, John passed away in December last year, but his widow Penny has decided against scrapping the car, instead donating it to Eastleigh College for the use of students studying motor mechanics.

“John didn’t believe in throwing things away,” she said. “I’d like to think he’d be pleased with my decision to donate the car to a good cause to help others study mechanics, I can’t think of a better car for the students to learn with.”

Andrew Didlick, Peugeot Director of Communications, commented: “John’s lifetime love for his Peugeot is truly heart-warming. By donating this car to Eastleigh College Penny is leaving a fantastic legacy for students in the area.

“The 205 was an extremely important car for the brand and played a key role in Peugeot’s recovery after the global automotive slump in the 80s. It was and still is held in great affection by customers and the motor industry alike.”

Such was the regard held for the 205 at the time of its launch, it was even named ‘Car of the Decade’ by CAR magazine in 1990.

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Daljinder Nagra


April 30, 2013