The 1000bhp club is one of exclusivity and, rather obviously, massive performance. There are two ways to gain entry: firstly you can buy yourself in. Provided your pockets are deep enough (to the tune of around £1million) you can simply walk into a showroom, sign your name on the dotted line and be presented with an all-consuming power-monger that will decimate almost every other car on the road.


The other – and infinitely cooler – way of doing it is to build one yourself. Take your pick from the near endless back catalogue of Japanese performance cars, get the spanner out, and provided you don’t blow your engine up, the potential is there for some supercar-slaying power outputs.

The lad in this video has gone down the second route, though his choice of car is somewhat more humble. Taking a Volkswagen Golf Mk2 4Motion, the owner has managed to extract a Bugatti Veyron-beating 1010bhp from its 1.8-litre engine.

The power comes largely from a huge turbocharger, which force feeds the engine compressed air, to make the most of its tiny size.

The Golf has also been stripped of almost all of its interior, so that ferocious engine now has only a Lotus Elise rivalling 900kg to get up to speed.

The combination of awesome power and lightweight make for some serious performance statistics. The Golf will get from 0-62mph in 2.3 seconds, and nothing you can buy new from Ferrari or Lamborghini will be able to match that.

Best of all, though, this insane Golf is road legal. That said, we wouldn't want to take it for a spin on a wet day.

Click play below to see the car in action.

                Picture from YouTube

Daljinder Nagra


June 19, 2013