Snapshot Review: Audi Q7

May 14, 2014 | By | In Reviews, Video

When the Q7 first hit showrooms back in 2006, it immediately divided opinion. Here was a large 4×4 (launched a time of media backlash against ‘gas-guzzlers’) with little off-road talent, aimed squarely at stealing sales from the dominant BMW X5. Some loved its over-the-top sizing and road presence, while others thought it was the wrong direction for the four-ringed brand to be taking.

The Q7 has proved to be a sales success and enduringly popular, particularly in diesel guise. They key to its success is the fact that it doesn’t drive like a big, heavy off-roader, but more like a large estate. It’s in no way sporty – and can feel a tad cumbersome in low-speed manoeuvres – but offered a compelling blend of refinement and practicality (it is a seven-seater after all) that won it a lot of customers.

New models are offered solely with a brace of diesel engines, in 3.0-litre and 4.2-litre in size. However, used models are also available with similarly sized petrol motors as well as gigantic 6.0-litre V12 diesel option, which was offered for just a couple of years as a range-topping model.

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