Geneva 2014: Renault Twingo

March 5, 2014 | By | In Buying Guides, Video

Renault has given its third generation Twingo a new lease of life and a refreshing touch of French flair.

The company has completely re-invented its diminutive hatchback. It is now rear-wheel-drive and its engine is situated at the back – just like a Porsche 911 – which will not only benefit the car's nippiness and manoeuvrability, but has got hot hatch fans drooling over what a potential RenaultSport version will be like to drive.

In terms of engines, the Twingo is expected to be offered with the same 0.9-litre, 3 cylinder petrol motor, which is currently available in the Renault Clio.

Sound like the Twingo is for you? You can search our classifieds for a used example here.

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