Audi TT video review

December 13, 2013 | By | In Reviews, Video

If you’re after a stylish, well built and easy to live with sports coupe, the Audi TT is an obvious choice. Ever since the trailblazing original, the TT coupe has continued that car’s sales success, remaining hugely popular despite sporting slightly softer, less distinctive lines. That’s not to say it isn’t a looker, as it’s got discreet yet classy styling that stands out from the crowd.

The cabin, too, is up to the usual Audi standard, with high quality plastics and switchgear in abundance. The ambience is sensitive to spec, however, with darker trim colours striking a very sombre tone.

The driving experience is understated – effortless when mooching around town, but genuinely engaging when you’re in the mood to play.

New models start from £24,000, but you can pick one up from our classified for as little as £7,500.

But should you buy the TT over one of its more overtly sporting rivals? Watch our 90 second review to find out.

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