British motorists lose faith with mechanics

August 29, 2008 | By | In Statistics

Almost half of Britain’s drivers believe that they have been scammed by a car mechanic Almost half of Britain’s drivers believe that they have been scammed by a car mechanic at some point costing the nation around £8 billion in unnecessary or poor quality work.

Research from website sites that one third of motorists believe that they have been scammed out of £100, with over half thinking they have been overpaid by £500 and one in ten believing they have paid an additional £1000.

Although 57 per cent of drivers admitted they would take their car to a garage for any maintenance required of a service, the remainder of those surveyed admitted they would only take their car to a professional mechanic if it needed major work, or would prefer to do the job themselves.

Women surveyed feared that their lack of knowledge about cars would be exploited with other car owners believing that the work they received from a garage was of poor quality.

Steve Grainger, head of, said: "Whilst the vast majority of car mechanics and garages are entirely reputable, our research highlights that there are a number of rogue tradesmen trying to exploit drivers and consumer confidence in the industry is low.

“To offer customers peace of mind and to make sure they get a fair deal from a trusted garage in their area, anyone comparing car insurance policies through between August and November will get free membership to the National Service Network (NSN)".

For top tips on how to avoid being ripped off at a garage, visit our features section and click here

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