Video: World’s greatest R/C car chase

July 9, 2013 | By | In News

There’s no denying the fact that car stunts in movies are expensive. The producers of Fast & Furious 6 burned through a whopping £160 million in creating entertaining vehicular carnage, and even they stretched the bounds of realism with the sheer scale of some of their on-screen feats.

So, how do you make a decent car chase on a shoestring budget? Well, in the exact opposite of the approach taken by the F&F producers, you need to think smaller.

Created by the team behind the Need for Speed: Most Wanted video game, this clip shows just what’s possible if you get some life-like (ish) radio controlled cars and some seriously talented R/C drivers.

Replicating the classic cop car pursuit, a number of high performance cars are chased down by the law in Corvettes, culminating in drifts, slow motion crashes and even a jump over a remote control helicopter.

It’s all beautifully shot and almost believable – that is until a real car strays into shot and ruins the sense of scale.

Click play to view the video below.

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