Undertaker jailed after covering car in flour

July 16, 2014 | By | In News

A Welsh undertaker has been jailed for two weeks after emptying a bag of flour over a car blocking his hearse. Julian Riley, 39 admitted causing criminal damage to a neighbour’s car in Clydach near Abergavenny, last September, after rows between the two men, which had gone on for weeks.

The self-raising flour later dried like cement across the front half of neighbour Peter Elliot’s Mercedes following rainfall, causing £400 worth of damage to the paintwork, Newport Magistrates Court heard. Riley was later arrested by police who found a line of white powder leading from the car to his funeral parlour.

Riley initially denied any involvement to police, but CCTV at his own business showed him emptying a 2lb bag of flour over Elliot’s black Mercedes E320. Prosecutor Rob Simkins said, “The flour covered the windscreen, bonnet and roof,” reported the Daily Mail.

“Unfortunately, I was very annoyed and took the law into my hands and threw a packet of self-raising flour over his car.”

District Judge Richard Williams described the case as “spiteful and vengeful offence”. Elliot said, “There’s only one loser here and that’s me. I can’t understand why I should have to pay for this damage.”

On top of his custodial sentence, Riley was ordered to pay £200 compensation and banned from contacting Elliot.

“Unfortunately, I was very annoyed and took the law into my hands and threw a packet of self-raising flour over his car”, he told police.

Following the dispute, the funeral director is now facing “financial difficulty”, according to the Daily Mail, having fought the case. His hearse is now up for sale.

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