Top Gear Christmas special trailer released

December 15, 2014 | By | In News, Video

The BBC has released a trailer for the upcoming Top Gear Christmas special – a show that caused huge controversy even during filming.

Concerns were raised over this one-off Christmas show after claims that there was an anti-Argentinian sentiment behind proceedings, with references made to the Falklands War, which still causes strong emotions in Argentina.

In one of the festive season’s most anticipated televisual extravaganzas – second only to the Downton Abbey festivities, the show’s makers ironically inform us – Jeremy, Richard and James will attempt to cross the vast expanse of Patagonia.

This two-part affair will be broadcast on BBC Two at 8:30pm on Saturday 27 with the second installment following at 8pm on the Sunday 28. In these shows the three presenters attempt to make a 1,600-mile journey across Patagonia to the world’s most southerly city in three tired sports cars – all before coming under fire from disgruntled locals.

Take a look at the trailer yourself to see what you can expect.

Picture: BBC

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