Top five pedestrian friendly cars revealed

April 19, 2016 | By | In News

Independent safety organisation Euro NCAP has revealed the five most pedestrian-friendly cars.

With 14 per cent of road fatalities in Europe involving pedestrians, the European New Car Assessment Programme’s pedestrian test is of extreme importance to a car’s overall safety rating.

The pedestrian protection rating is measured by experts testing a car’s front end structure and evaluating the potential of injury to a pedestrian’s head, pelvis and upper and lower leg.

If an autonomous emergency braking system features in a car, it will receive a higher score.

According to the Euro NCAP, the most pedestrian-friendly car is the Mazda MX-5, which scored 93%, with 21.7 points for head impact and 6 points for both pelvis impact and leg impact.

In second place was the BMW Z4, a similarly shaped roadster which boasted an overall mark of 91% with similar head, pelvis and leg impact scores to the MX-5.

Thirdly, Infiniti’s Q30 matched the BMW Z4 in overall percentage, and scored the same as the MX-5 did in leg impact points.

In the penultimate position of the list of five is the Volvo V40, which boasts a five-star rating. What’s unique about the Swedish car is its pedestrian airbag, which accounts for an extremely high head impact protection score.

Finally, the Mazda CX-3 is the highest performing crossover when it comes to pedestrian safety.

Jack Evans


After completing his university studies in English and Creative Writing in Cardiff, Jack is now a full time motoring writer at Blackball Media. His love of cars stems from his childhood years when he began to live and breathe all-things automotive.

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