Three under-10s steal mother’s car

May 29, 2014 | By | In News

Parents of teenagers will understand that children are often impatient to get behind the wheel, but for some the urge for independence comes a lot sooner, as one mother found out after her three under-10s stole and crashed her people carrier.

The unidentified woman awoke on Wednesday morning to find her car keys missing and her blue Honda Shuttle not in its usual place on her driveway.

Her three children, believed to be aged around eight, six and one, had taken the keys while she slept and got into the car at around 6am.

"The children were not hurt and police are now investigating the circumstances around the incident."

Witnesses describe the car lurching off the drive, with one child in the driver’s seat and the other two in the rear. It is not known whether they had managed to start the engine or whether the car moved under its own momentum once the handbrake was released.

Police were called to the scene after the car crossed a T-junction, narrowly avoided a parked car and mounted the kerb, finally stopping after it crashed into a lamppost around 30 yards from the house.

None of the children were hurt in the collision but both the car and lamppost suffered minor damage.

One neighbour told the Telegraph: "They went straight across the road and into the lamp post. The mother was asleep when it happened apparently.

"I wouldn't have found it funny if I was her. My kids have pinched my keys and got in my car in the past but they've never driven it.

A spokesman for Norfolk police said: "We were called just after 6am to reports that a car had mounted a curb in Wymondham and hit a lamp post.

"The car was being driven by three children under the age of ten who had accessed their mother’s car keys.

"The children were not hurt and police are now investigating the circumstances around the incident."

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