Study finds 69% of drivers do not know the minimum tyre tread depth

July 19, 2017 | By | In News
Front wheel tires or tyres on car badly worn and bald because of poor tracking or alignment of the wheels

A new survey has revealed that 69% of motorists don’t know the correct legal tyre tread depth limit of 1.6mm.

The research from Venson Automotive Solutions comes as tyre problems still accounting for 40% of fatal or serious injuries caused by vehicle incidents.

Of motorists surveyed, those aged 25 to 54 are most likely to be aware of the correct tyre tread depth.

However 31% of all those surveyed said they don’t bother to check the depth and rely on their annual MOT to uncover any cause for concern. Women (38%) are more likely to rely on the MOT than men (25%).

A further 31% said they check their tyres every six months or so, but 7% only check their tyre tread before a long car journey. The conscientious are in the minority, with just 4% of people surveyed saying they check their tyre tread once a week.

Tyre pressure checks are equally overlooked with 44% saying they only check before going on a long journey. Encouragingly, nearly one in four do check tyre pressures roughly once a month, but 12% rely on their vehicle being serviced to have the pressure checked.

Gil Kelly, Operations Director, Venson Automotive Solutions said: “Crucially, drivers need to be aware of the need to inspect their tyres on a regular basis, including the spare. Not only will this reduce vehicle downtime, but it minimises the risk of breakdowns and even fines if a tyre tread drops below the legal limits. With a few simple checks, drivers can avoid the risks and businesses can maintain a safer, more efficient fleet.”

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