Student’s appeal against 30 parking penalties

September 7, 2015 | By | In News

A student has set up a free-to-use parking ticket appeal website after fighting back against 30 penalties he had received while studying in London.

Joshua Browder, 18, of North London, became fed up after being hit with numerous parking fines and created The site lets motorists pick one of 12 reasons to appeal the penalty, then enter the relevant details and send a custom generated appeal created by the website to the council behind the fine.

Joshua, who is starting a degree in economics and computer science at Stanford University, California, said he received the tickets while parking in Camden, where his school is located.

He said: 'I was given the parking tickets for trivial reasons. I have had to spend around one hundred hours of valuable study time writing appeals to these tickets, many of which have been successful.

The RAC Foundation said councils in the UK made a £667m surplus from their parking operations in 2013/2014.


'I have come to realise that councils issue tickets first and ask questions later. Unfortunately, many recipients of these tickets don't have the time, legal knowledge or energy to appeal.'

He created the service after scanning thousands of pages of documents released under the Freedom of Information Act and consulting a leading traffic lawyer. He is not currently monetising the website and said he wanted it to help people avoid paying for costly services to appeal tickets.

The RAC Foundation said councils in the UK made a £667m surplus from their parking operations in 2013/2014 – marking a 12 per cent increase on the previous financial year and the fifth year in a row of rises.

Photo: Monika Wisniewska

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