Samaritan fined for parking in disabled space

April 14, 2015 | By | In News

A Good Samaritan in Bournemouth was handed a £70 fine after he briefly parked in a disabled parking space to help a woman who had fallen over in the street. The 21-year-old student had stopped his car to help the pensioner on the other side of the road, as it was the closest space to the stricken woman.

Returning to his vehicle after helping the woman back to her feet, Drew Hollinshead, a student at Bournemouth University, discovered that a parking warden was in the middle of issuing him a ticket. However, the student and parking attendant then have differing accounts of what happened. According to Bournemouth Borough Council the attendant claims that the young man then pushed him and was verbally abusive, something which the student denies.

“All I said to him was, ‘are you happy giving me this?’” he told the Press Association. "I was brought up that you should have respect for your elders and if there is somebody else in need or trouble you help them."

I was brought up that you should have respect for your elders and if there is somebody else in need or trouble you help them.

Unsure whether the attendant had seen him helping the woman, Mr Hollinshead parked his car in a different space and returned to talk to the traffic warden. "I approached him after parking somewhere properly after the incident to see if he was being serious." According to the student the attendant then said: “It gives me no greater satisfaction than to issue you with this ticket.”

Should the student pay the fine within 14 days it will cost him £35, which increases to £70 if paid within 28 days. Hearing the controversy over this fine Bournemouth Borough council has said: “The parking ticket was issued because Mr Hollinshead's vehicle was not displaying a valid disabled badge or clock.” The statement from the council adds that the student had not initially mentioned that he had stopped to help someone and that the attendant had not seen him doing so.

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