Rise of new cars could see death of the great British banger

May 23, 2017 | By | In News
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The great British banger could become a thing of the past as ambitious new drivers are now aspiring to opt for a brand new vehicle as their first car, according to new research.

More than a third (38%) of drivers have opted to purchase new cars on finance once they have passed their driving tests, according to a survey of 1,371 UK drivers by Motoring Offence Lawyers.

Fuel economy was credited as the main reason for this, with 32% believing newer cars are more fuel efficient than older cars.

Aspirational attitudes are also contributing to this change, with 28% of new drivers choosing cars with the latest technology, such as Bluetooth speakers, mobile integration, parking cameras and sensors.

25% claimed it is more cost effective to buy a new car through the help of a variety of finance schemes now available for first-time car owners.

1 in 3 (31%) drivers said they would have been embarrassed driving an old car when they first passed their test, while just 1 in 10 (11%) were given a hand-me-down car when they passed their test.

Matthew Miller, Managing Director at Motoring Offence Lawyers, said: “It’s interesting to see how many newly licensed British drivers are now preferring to choose a brand new car, rather than selecting a traditional second hand one or even hand me downs. Given the aspirational nature of millennials and the range of more cost-effective models and finance options available, it’s not surprising to see that new drivers are aiming higher.

“The research shows a picture of how newly licensed British drivers spending patterns are changing with the times. However, I still believe that traditional second-hand cars will remain a viable option for many first-time drivers as they have been over the past few decades, but perhaps now these older cars will only be called upon for a shorter period of time just while they get to grips with the roads.”

James Ash


Content Marketing Executive at Motors.co.uk

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