Renault unveils Twizy F1 concept

April 26, 2013 | By | In News

Not content with challenging our pre-conceptions of how cars should look with its radical Twizy electric city car, Renault is now attempting to increase its appeal to keen drivers with the Twizy F1 concept.

A collaboration between Renaultsport – Renault’s performance car division – and the company’s F1 engineers, the Twizy F1 boasts an additional 79bhp over the standard model, and has undergone additional chassis tuning to ensure this narrow-bodied city car can cope with the extra power.

That power comes from a KERS system, said to be lifted straight from Renault’s Formula 1 engine.  By recovering energy lost under braking and storing it in an additional on-board battery located where the rear seat used to be, it can be deployed on demand by a ‘boost’ button on the car’s F1 inspired steering wheel.

The concept also sports an F1 style bodykit, including large front and rear spoilers and side pods. Along with the yellow paint – reminiscent of past Renault F1 cars – it adds an athletic air to the unconventional Twizy, though we’d wager the aerodynamic benefits of the additional body addenda are marginal.

What isn’t marginal are the performance gains. With a 0-62mph time of six seconds flat, it matches the Megane 265, which is currently the fastest road car Renault has ever produced.

Unfortunately the Renault Twizy F1 concept is a strict one-off, but the standard model is available in showrooms now, priced from £6,795.

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