Red Bull films 360 degree video of F1 car

March 16, 2015 | By | In News, Video

Rewind a few decades and watching Formula 1 on the TV involved struggling to decipher grainy images of distant cars through the haze. In 2015, however, viewers are spoiled with high definition cameras covering every angle imaginable.

This level of detail clearly isn’t good enough for one team, though. Red Bull has taken things to the next level with a 360-degree super high definition 4K video of one of its machines on the track.

This clip shows Swiss driver Sebastien Buemi on track for a demo run at Norway’s Rudskogen Motorsenter – giving F1 fans a much better idea of exactly what a driver sees when tearing around a circuit at full speed.

Watch the video for yourself above. Those using Google Chrome or Android devices should be able to drag and rotate the image for a 360 degree view of exactly what Buemi sees when he takes to the track.

Video: YouTube / Re/Live 360°

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