Parents warned to prepare for change in car seats laws

January 18, 2017 | By | In News
Two boys in car seats, travelling, sleeping in the car with teddy bears

UK parents are being warned to prepare for changes in car seats safety regulations which are expected to come into effect later this year.

The new proposed rules will mean that backless booster seats will only be approved for older children, weighing more than 22kg and taller than 125cm. However, this will only apply to new car seats produced from Spring 2017 onwards.

While Mothercare is advocating for parents to purchase high back booster seats for their infants, a study from found out two-thirds of parents with children under the age of 12 are unaware of the current laws.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, with the changes expected as early as March, only 13% of parents know the correct details of these new rules. Additionally, with more than a quarter (27%) of parents confused about conflicting safety messages, it is unclear how child car seat laws will be policed going forward.

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