One in four speed cameras switched off

May 28, 2015 | By | In News

A quarter of the roadside speed cameras across the UK are switched off, new figures reveal, with drivers now more likely to be caught speeding by a mobile speed camera than the static yellow and grey devices.

Though a total of 23 per cent of the country’s fixed speed cameras are not in use, there are still more than 1,700 sites where the devices are operational, catching just below one million speeding motorists last year alone. In comparison, there are just 345 mobile cameras in use across the UK, though these caught a substantial 774,537 speeding drivers during 2014.

Speed cameras have not always proven an effective method of tackling speeding offences.?

While one in four cameras are not being used, one in 20 drivers admitted that they had been involved in a crash as a result of the presence of a fixed speed camera, research by found. Meanwhile, one in five motorists said that they had seen unsafe driving around speed cameras, with two thirds of respondents admitting to regularly speeding on roads that they knew were free from cameras, writes the Press Association.

Policeman Roger Reynolds, who was instrumental in introducing speed cameras to the UK, told the news organisation: “Speed cameras have not always proven an effective method of tackling speeding offences.?

?"Enforcement agencies have been too strict with minor offenders and one in eight (13 per cent) motorists say they have been sanctioned for driving just 1-4 mph over the limit. This is in order to raise revenue and ignores those who really pose a danger on the roads."

Picture: IAM

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