Mini provides the best residual values

April 30, 2014 | By | In News

Minis hold their values better than any other car on sale in the UK, according to new research published by industry experts Glass’s.

Models from the German brand, which is a subsidiary of BMW, were calculated to have an average depreciation rate of 16.4 per cent annually, the best performance of a total of 34 manufacturers analysed.

Land Rover and Toyota came in second and third place with average depreciation rates of 17 per cent and 17.5 per cent per annum respectively.

"Residual value is the cornerstone of the industry. It considers the universal facets of a vehicle, positive and negative, and distils them in to one figure."

The worst performers were cars from Chevrolet and Chrysler, both of which would lose over a quarter of their value each year.

Glass’s analysed model prices at milestone ages of one, three, five and seven years to get its results. Mini’s popularity and desirability – the strongest factor in residual performance – were reasons for it taking the top spot.

British 4×4 manufacturer Land Rover also benefitted from its strong brand perception, boosted by a new range of class-leading off-road cars as well as improvements to its once notorious fuel efficiency image.

The shoddy performance of the American brands at the bottom of the pile were put down to poor public perception of their products.

Andrew Jackson, head of analytics at Glass’s, said: “Residual value is the cornerstone of the industry. It considers the universal facets of a vehicle, positive and negative, and distils them in to one figure. And it is this figure that people use to measure the overall performance of a car over time.

“These top three reflect just how diverse the driving forces behind RVs can be,” he continued.

“Mini is popular due to being a premium brand offering small, efficient fun cars to drive. Land Rover however is very popular due to the prestige of the brand coupled with the nascent nature of the off-road segment. Meanwhile Toyota manufactures the majority of its vehicles in the B-, C- and 4×4 segments and targets the rational buyers’ market as opposed to the premium.”

Manufacturer residual performance in full:

Ranking Manufacturer Average depreciation rate
1 Mini -16.4%
2 Land Rover -17.0%
3 Toyota -17.5%
4 Honda -17.9%
5 Volkswagen -18.3%
6 Smart -18.6%
7 Jeep -18.8%
8 Audi -19.5%
9 Seat -19.6%
10 Skoda -20.3%
11 Nissan -20.3%
12 Mercedes-Benz -20.6%
13 Kia -20.8%
14 Suzuki -21.0%
15 Mitsubishi -21.3%
16 BMW -21.5%
17 Mazda -21.5%
18 Ford -21.8%
19 Lexus -22.1%
20 Subaru -22.3%
21 Fiat -22.3%
22 Volvo -22.4%
23 Citroen -22.5%
24 Hyundai -23.2%
25 Jaguar -23.2%
26 Peugeot -23.2%
27 Vauxhall -23.5%
28 Ssangyong -23.5%
29 Perodua -24.6%
30 Renault -24.7%
31 Alfa romeo -24.8%
32 Proton -26.1%
33 Chevrolet -26.3%
34 Chrysler -26.6%

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