Meet BugJuggler, the car-juggling robot

July 3, 2014 | By | In News, Video

This 70ft tall robot can juggle cars. Yes, you heard us right. 70ft. Robot. Cars.

Dubbed the BugJuggler, at the moment it’s just the crazy pipe-dream of some ex-NASA and James Bond stunt engineers. However, if they can raise £17,500 they will be able to build an eight-foot tall working model arm to prove it can throw and catch a 113kg mass.

The team behind BugJuggler need £1.35million to turn their vision into reality

The final version will need to be able to throw and catch a 1,220kg VW Beetle. If the team can raise a massive £1.35million they claim they'll be able to make this sci-fi fantasy a working reality.

“BugJuggler represents a new frontier in robotic entertainment,” said Former Nasa engineer Dan Granett, the man behind the project.

He went on to explain how the robot will work: “It will use a diesel engine to generate hydraulic pressure. An operator located in the robot’s head will be able to control its motions using a haptic feedback interface connected to high-speed servo valves.

“Hydraulic accumulators – essentially storage batteries for hydraulic fluid – will allow for the rapid movement required for the robot to juggle cars or other large, heavy objects.”

The one thing that he didn't mention is quite what he'd use a 70ft car throwing robot for. Applications are quite limited, though it'd make for one hell of a half-time show at you favourite sporting event.

Take a look at the video above to see how the BugJuggler will look in action.

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