Man creates world’s fastest toilet

May 22, 2013 | By | In News

A Lincolnshire man is vying for a world record after creating a fully functioning toilet that is capable of travelling at up to 55mph.

Colin Furze has spent a month mating a 140cc motorbike engine with the porcelain throne, which has now outpaced the previous fastest toilet, called Bog Standard, by around 10mph.

What started out as a spare-time shed project has now become a much more serious proposition, with the plumber fitting a steel frame and wooden shelf to a mobility scooter, which forms the base of the vehicle.

Sat on top of that is the gleaming white toilet. Beside it is a manual selector for the contraption's four electronic gears, cunningly disguised as a loo brush.

To give further realism to his mobile convenience, Furze has decorated it with a towel rack and has converted the exhaust pipe into a toilet roll holder.

In testing, the toilet has achieved speeds of 55 mph, but Furze believes it could top 60mph given a smooth enough surface.

Speaking to the Daily Mail on the challenges of driving his unique device, Furze said: “It is quite scary to drive as the water in the toilet makes it very top heavy and I get wet when I go over any bumps.”

That’s right, he has even fitted it with a functioning flush, which should deal with the problem of being tailgated, at least.

See below for a video of the wheel-spinning W/C in action.

Picture: Youtube

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