Label convicted drivers’ cars say public

March 5, 2015 | By | In News

A significant majority of British car owners would like to see drivers convicted of motoring offences forced to have stickers on their cars, warning other motorists that they pose a potential threat.

The research, carried out by car leasing firm Flexed, has discovered that 86 per cent of motorists are keen to see cars owned by problem drivers labeled according to the offences they have been convicted of. Respondents stated that they would like to know whether drivers around them had been convicted of crimes including driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, dangerous driving or speeding.

Such a scheme could see those found guilty of serious motoring offences having their cars fitted with labels similar to those that advertise machines transporting hazardous materials, reports the Press Association – making other motorists aware that they may have driven dangerously in the past.

Nobody should have to drive with the fear that the driver next to them is unpredictable or is a potential danger.

Respondents to the survey would also be happy to see other warning signs fitted to vehicles driven by people who have a history of poor parking, who don’t use their indicators when manouevring and even those who are simply retired.

Mark Hall from Flexed stated: “Nobody should have to drive with the fear that the driver next to them is unpredictable or is a potential danger.”

While Hall is a proponent of forcing a car labelling system, he has raised concerns that branding certain drivers’ cars could be considered discriminatory.

“Some warnings suggested by the public would be seen as discrimination, such as signs for retired drivers. However, a sign that tells others the driver in the car has a history of poor driving is sound.”

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