Ford makes parody Ken Block Gymkhana video

December 8, 2014 | By | In News, Video

Ford has created a festive stop motion video using toy cars, which mimics some of the most iconic motoring viral videos seen this year. Ford’s new video is a parody of professional rally driver Ken Block’s hooligan antics at the wheel of a heavily modified Ford Fiesta in several ‘Gymkhana’ videos.

Ford’s festive version – named ‘Snowkhana’ – sees a toy Fiesta race around several snowy scenes, in homage to Mr Block’s tyre-shredding videos. It also throws in a few other viral video references – and the evergreen Christmas Coca Cola lorry.

Viral video fans will recognise a parody of a Jean Claude van Damme stunt which saw him perform the splits with his feet resting on two lorry wing mirrors as the lorries slowly moved further apart. There’s also a BMW reference in the form of a group of cars performing a synchronised slide around a large roundabout.

Those up to date on their viral videos will also notice a number of other homages packed into the video. Take a look for yourself to see how many you can spot.

Picture: Ford Europe

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