Dark mornings put lives at risk, says safety campaigners

October 27, 2010 | By | In News

The clocks go back this weekend, giving us all an extra hour in bed. But the darker evenings that the time change brings also puts lives at risk. That’s the claim of pressure group GEM Motoring Assist, which has added its voice to the Lighter Later campaign.

The idea is to ‘move’ an hour of daylight by adjusting the clocks, from the morning to the evening all year round. There would still be a time shift twice-yearly in autumn and spring but we’d retain lighter evenings. The campaign unites groups concerned with energy saving and road safety campaigners. RoSPA and accident prevention charity Brake are among those involved.

GEM’s head, David Williams said roads will be safer because more on us will be on the move in daylight. At a time when councils are looking to make savings by turning off street lamps, there was a still stronger argument to make the change.

If you agree, you can support the campaign by visiting lighterlater.org.

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