Cyclist ends up on M25 after following app

February 26, 2014 | By | In News, Video

A cyclist has received a stern telling-off and a £50 fine from Surrey Police after he was caught on CCTV navigating traffic on the M25 during yesterday's morning rush hour.

Surrey Police said they received several phone calls from concerned motorists after they spotted a cyclist on the hard shoulder near the junction with the M3 on Tuesday morning.

According to police, the male cyclist had pedalled ‘several miles’ on the busy motorway after following a navigation application on his smartphone.

My usual 40 minute commute to work took an hour and a half due to a cyclist on the M25!

Irritated motorists took to Twitter to vent their frustration, with one user, Hannah Leonard, saying: "My usual 40 minute commute to work took an hour and a half due to a cyclist on the M25!"

The cyclist was eventually pulled over by Sergeant Phil Dix, from Surrey Police Roads Policing Unit, who told the Daily Mail: “The cyclist was apparently taking a short cut home and was following a satellite navigation system on his mobile phone.

“It is extremely fortunate that there was a safe outcome and that the cyclist was not injured, or worse – especially as he had crossed several slip roads coming off the motorway.

“This is a good example of why motorists should always remain alert and vigilant on the roads as you never know what you may come across on your travels.

“I would urge all road users to use a common sense approach when using a satnav, whether that be on foot, two wheels or more.”

Surrey Police later reported that they had issued the cyclist with a £50 fine and had a ‘long chat’ with him.

Nice chap but unaware of the rules of the road.

The force tweeted: “'Nice chap but unaware of the rules of the road. Believed it okay to ride/walk on hard shoulder – struggled to see why not.”

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