Car buyers set to enjoy greater rights

June 17, 2014 | By | In News

Car buyers who are unhappy with their purchases will find making complaints and obtaining refunds easier, thanks to the newly enacted Consumer Rights Directive.

The new law, which came into force across Europe last week, ensures motorists get a 30-day money back guarantee on a faulty vehicle, and dealers need to ensure refunds are given within 14 days of the car being returned.

Buyers ordering online also benefit from greater protection, with the time allowed to cancel an order extended from seven to 14 days.

Britain’s car buyers are likely to enjoy even more rights, thanks to the UK Consumer Rights Bill, which is likely to be enacted into law later this year. Billed as the biggest shake-up of consumer legislation for a generation, it will see the provisions of the Sales of Goods Act and Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations Act consolidated in one instrument of law.

What this means for drivers who suffer defects with their new car, is that they will have 30 days to reject a vehicle, and won’t have to accept an attempt at repair by the dealership.

If you’re buying a complex piece of kit, there may be minor glitches. That’s what the new car warranty is there for.”

The Bill would also give drivers the power to return their faulty car within six months of purchase if a repair job has proved unsuccessful. Currently, there is no limit to the amount of repairs a manufacturer can attempt before accepting a rejected car.

While the news is undoubtedly good for consumers, industry experts argued that the rule surrounding rejecting cars is unreasonable.

A Motor Codes spokesman said: “If you’re buying a complex piece of kit, there may be minor glitches. That’s what the new car warranty is there for.”

The new Bill would also see greater powers granted to deal with car dealers who have traded unfairly or conned their customers.

What do you think of the changes to the law? Have your say below.

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