BMW creates high-tech business class seat

April 28, 2014 | By | In News

Imagine walking onto a plane, turning left (or taking the spiral staircase)and sliding into your ergonomically designed chair. Now image said chair knows exactly what food you want to eat, what movies you like to watch and most importantly, when it’s time to dim the lights and allow you to sleep.

That vision could soon become a reality thanks to a recent partnership between BMW Design Works and the Thales Group.

The creative pair teamed up with BE Aerospace to create the future of business class travel, which includes eye-tracking software, Near Field Communication and head-up displays.

Paying punters will be able to enjoy surround sound in the sleek pods, which have been penned by BMW Design Works, and take in a film thanks to the smart LCD displays.

BMW Design Works claims that the cutting-edge chair could be out in the real world in the next five years.

Near Field Communication will connect to the passenger’s mobile device and allow them to play a variety of media through the entertainment system. Plus, travellers can send information to the seat prior to boarding, ensuring it is always set-up perfectly.

“Essentially, the passenger would be able to choose the seat configuration, entertainment selection and services directly on their mobile phone prior to boarding,” A Thales spokesperson told NFC World.

Eye-tracking technology will mean energy isn’t wasted fiddling with remotes or playing with clumsy touch screens as passengers can select a film just by looking at a menu. The system will also automatically pause should you doze off.

BMW Design Works claims that the cutting-edge chair could be out in the real world in the next five years, although there isn’t any news on whether we’ll see something similar in the upcoming 4 Series.

Picture from Thales

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