Audi unveils car tax-free 1.0-litre petrol A1

February 17, 2015 | By | In News

Audi’s smallest model, the A1, has never been a gas guzzler, with a range of frugal but punchy petrol and diesel motors. However, the German company has now added a new turbocharged 1.0-litre petrol engine to the A1 range, which replaces the old 1.2-litre unit and boosts fuel economy and slashes CO2 emissions.

Despite producing 94bhp and sprinting to 62mph in a sprightly 10.9 seconds, this new model is claimed to be capable of 67.3mpg in both three and five-door form. Meanwhile claimed CO2 emissions stand at 97g/km – low enough for free car tax under current rules, though the S Tronic automatic gearbox cuts economy down to 64.2mpg, with emissions rising to 102g/km – warranting annual car tax of £20.



Those after the most economical A1, however, will want to consider the 1.6-litre diesel, which has received updates which up its claimed economy figure from 74.3mpg to 80.7mpg, with a similar drop in emissions. Aside from the option of this new economical three-cylinder engine the A1 range also receives a number of styling tweaks and extra equipment, to differentiate it from older versions.

Available in both three and five-door ‘Sportback’ forms, the new 1.0-litre models drop the entry price of Audi ownership to £14,315, with the five-door weighing in at £14,935 in SE trim. Opt for Spot trim, however, and prices jump significantly to £16,290 and £16,910 respectively, while the S Tronic automatic gearbox will set buyers back a further £1,540.

Available to order now, the first 1.0-litre A1s will arrive this summer.

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