All change for new Ibiza

April 10, 2008 | By | In New Cars

A new Seat Ibiza is on its way. As these pictures show, it’s a big change over the current car.

As is now common for superminis, the next Ibiza will be longer and wider. And unlike the current one, the three-and five-door versions will be very different from each another.

While this car is promised as an all-new design, penned by one-time Lamborghini stylist Luc Donckerwolke, it will launch with a choice of three petrol engines – a 1.2, a 1.4 and a 1.6 – which are lifted from the current car, although Seat will rework each to cut emissions, so that even the biggest keeps below 160g/km CO2.

The first petrol five-door cars will begin sale from late July. But if you want a new-style diesel Ibiza, or any three-door model , you’ll have to wait until 2009, because only the five-door will be in showrooms before then.

The new car will offer more gadgets than before, including a seven speed auto/manual gearbox, a device to smooth hill starts and fog lights that ‘turn’ into bends with the steering.

A new ‘green’ Ibiza arrives at dealers this month, too. The Ibiza Ecomotive is Seat’s final version of the current car.

Following sister-brand Volkswagen’s low-emissions work, resulting in its Bluemotion range, the Ecomotive’s 1.4 turbodiesel engine emits just 99g/km CO2, making it one of the least-polluting cars.

Not only is the Ecomotive at £10,995 cheaper than the Polo Bluemotion, it beats that car by offering air conditioning as standard, while keeping to the 99g/km figure. The Polo gets its emissions that low only by leaving off air-con. The air con’s extra weight increases the Polo’s emissions by 5g/km to 104g/km, which iws enough to push it one road tax bracket higher.

Seat says it will continue to sell current-shape three-door Ibizas until early 2009, while the Ecomotive could well stay on until an equivalent new-generation model is ready.

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