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March 31, 2008 | By | In Advice

Research has sited that women leave a total of £2 billion personal belongings on show in their cars.

Research has sited that women leave a total of £2 billion personal belongings on show in their cars every day, putting themselves in danger of theft, accidents and injury.

A survey conducted by Sheila’s Wheels car insurance has found that women keep an average of 4 items or £129 of items in their car on a daily basis, which could cost them a great deal without suitable contents insurance or car insurance. A total of 60 per cent of women viewed their cars as an extension of their homes with 85 per cent admitting that the items in the car were more suited to a wardrobe.

Possible explanations were due to the growing ‘after work’ culture, for example a noticeable increase in the number of women attending the gym after work.

Jacky Brown at Sheilas’ Wheels said:"Any personal belongings, whatever their value, that are left unattended in a car can be easy pickings for opportunistic thieves." "To avoid a smashed window or a broken lock, we want to encourage all women to avoid using their car as a wardrobe on wheels and leaving anything strewn over the back seat, on display."

The most common items found in cars were books, shs, clothes, children’s toys, and toiletries, with one in ten female motorists revealing that they have had an accident or a near miss as a result of deodorant, drinks bottles, lipstick and hairbrushes getting under their feet.

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